biggest fantasy is about to become a reality. . .

Hellion's Angels #1
Lia Riley
Releasing July 11, 2017
Avon Impulse

Jed West is
Mr. Hockey. The captain of the NHL’s latest winning team, the Denver
Hellions—and the hottest player on the ice—at least according to every
magazine. .and Breezy Angel. Breezy has been drooling over Jed at games for
years, and he plays a starring role in her most toe-curling fantasies. But
dirty dreams don’t come true, right?

Then Jed
saunters through the doors of her library, a last minute special guest for a
summer reading event, and not only is he drop dead gorgeous up close, his
personality is straight up swoon-worthy. He even comes to the rescue when she
has an R-rated “Super Book Worm” costume malfunction. But when he mistakenly
assumes she’s more into books than pucks, she’s too flustered to correct his
mistake. And then comes a big kiss, followed by a teensy-tiny problem. Jed’s
dating policy is simple: Never date a fan.

So what’s a
fangirl going to have to do to convince her ultimate crush that he’s become
less of a perfect fantasy, and more like the perfect man. . .for her?

studying at the University of Montana-Missoula, Lia Riley scoured
the world armed only with a backpack, overconfidence and a terrible sense of
direction. She counts shooting vodka with a Ukranian mechanic in Antarctica,
sipping yerba mate with gauchos in Chile and swilling fourex with stationhands
in Outback Australia among her accomplishments.

3 stars

There are 2 things I love in books. Sports and romance! I wanted to love Mister Hockey, but it fell a little short for me. 

Hockey player Jed is on an off season and he is dealing with the lingering effects of concussions. Jed is at a fork in the road when dealing with his career. And it is off season, so there is no hockey action in this one. Jed has plenty of off time on his hands to do other non hockey things.

Breezy (I did not love them name, to be honest, it irked me) is a librarian. She has low self esteem and a hug thing for Jed. So when she meets him and becomes involved with him, it is like a dream.

Breezy's lack of confidence and always putting herself down was something I really wasn't a fan of. At times, it got old. I realize she would feel a little insecure dating a famous hockey player, but she was a little much for me.