Boyfriend By The Hour
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These women know what they want, and they aren't afraid to go get it!
I can’t believe I have the hots for an escort.
Cole Mitchell is ripped, bearded, sexy and dominant. When he moves next door to me, I find it impossible to resist sampling the wares.
But Cole’s not a one-woman kind of guy, and I won’t share.

She thinks I’m an escort. I’m not.
I thought I’d do anything to sleep with Sadie. Then I realized I want more. I want Sadie. Forever.
I’m not the escort she thinks I am.
Now, I just have to make sure she never finds out.

WARNING: This is a EROTIC story that contains a dominant hero who’s pretending to be an escort, and a sassy heroine who’s given up on real relationships.
Meet the Author
Hello, I’m Tara Crescent. I've always fantasized about being a mysterious spy, leading a secret double-life, and now, I find that that’s come true!
Sort of.

By day, I’m a mild-mannered corporate drone in Toronto, but by night, I’m limited only by my imagination; I sit, and I type, and I am a daring writer of BDSM, erotica and romance.

In my spare time, I write of course. I also read, garden, travel, cook, and almost never clean. I just started watching Walking Dead on Netflix (zombie erotica, anyone?), and I’m impatiently awaiting the next episode of Doctor Who. (I would kill for a TARDIS.)

I’ve scribbled bits and pieces all my life, chiefly inspired by what I’m reading, which tends to be mainly science-fiction and fantasy, with a healthy sprinkling of romance and erotica thrown in.

I’m a huge believer in happily-ever-after, but tempered by real life, where happily-ever-after is possible, but takes work. My favorite kind of romance stories are ones that are somewhat believable; I like strong men and women who know what they want out of life, and are driven to get it.

From time to time, I blog about what I’m writing at The blog is also where I post book excerpts; highlight information about upcoming promotions, and so on and so forth. Follow me there to keep up with all the fun!
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4 stars
Cute and quick story about Sadie who has bad luck with men. She runs into her new next door neighbor, who is the hot cartoonist Cole Mitchell. For some reason, Cole lets her think he is an escort. Maybe his friends made her think that... wink wink. Sadie runs with the idea and wants to hire Cole.She is in a funk and needs to get her groove back. Sadie needs to get over her past with men, and this way she is in control of everything. He ex did a number on her, she was cheated on and humiliated. Sadie needs to get her groove back. 

What starts off as a "job" for Cole and Sadie becomes something more. When Sadie finds out the truth, how will it end???

I thought this was a cutie Rom Com story. Very quick read that 
out a smile on my face.

Loved this story. 4 stars!