Just One Taste

Sarah is in Victoria to expand her father’s chain of wine bars into the Australian market. It’s a hectic job that leaves little time for a social life but that doesn’t mean she’s going to ignore her carnal needs entirely. She contacts an exclusive escort agent who promises to send a man capable of fulfilling her every desire. David, the man who arrives, is nothing like the practiced lothario she expects, yet the night that ensues is more intensely passionate than any she’s experienced. Sarah is just starting to consider making David a kept man when she realizes the chilling truth.

David isn’t an escort at all. He’s a vineyard owner who’d planned to approach Sarah with a business proposition. She thinks he set her up, but David had barely expected to speak with Sarah, let alone sleep with her. It’s an honest case of mistaken identity that resulted in the best night of David’s life. And for David, one night of Sarah will never be enough.

3 stars

Just One Taste is a story about a one night stand of mistaken identity, evolving to much more. Sarah comes from money. She works for her dad, she has little to no social life, so she hires an escort of sorts to scratch an itch. When David shows up to meet her, he is not the David she hired. She ends up sleeping with David who wants to venture into a business proposition with her and her father. 

David can not believe his luck when beautiful Sarah all but throws herself at him. He was not expecting anything. Heck, he was nervous just talking to her. He gets a lot more then he bargained for. 

What happens after is a love story that is a little backwards and not ideal, but it works for David and Sarah. Proving money doesn't buy happiness, but love actually does!