Title: Burn
Author: Ruth Clampett
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: L.A. Untamed
Publication Date: June 7th
Cover Designer: Jada D'Lee, Jada D'Lee Designs



Where there's smoke, there's fire...
And I would know.
As the only woman in a squad of firefighters,
They call me T-Rex.
I’m fierce, fearless and I get the job done.
I've got a past that hurt me, nearly destroyed me.
Who doesn't?
But I'm no damsel in distress...
I fight my own battles, my own wars and my own fires.
Now I’m sizzling for my lieutenant, Joe Murphy, and that’s one fire I don’t want to put out.
But it’s a complicated situation. A hot and wild situation.
When things spiral out of control should I fight for the new life I was trying to build . . . or just let it burn?

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About the Author:

Ruth Clampett Bio.jpg
Ruth Clampett is a 21st century woman, aspiring to be Wonder Woman…now if she could only find her cape and magic lasso. Meanwhile she’s juggling motherhood, a full-time job running her own art business, and writing romance late at night. Travel is her second obsession after writing, and it’s enabled her to meet reader and writer friends all over the world. She’s happily frazzled, and wouldn’t change a thing about her crazy life.
The rooms in her home are all painted different colors and her books are equally varied, infusing humor, drama, and passion into the romantic lives of strong heroines and their worthy and determined counterparts.
Ruth has published seven books: Animate Me, Mr. 365, the Work of Art Trilogy, WET and BURN. She grew up and still happily resides in Los Angeles, and is heavily supervised by her teenage daughter, lovingly referred to as Snarky, who loves traveling with her mom with a sketchbook in hand.

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3.5 stars

Burn is the second book in the LA Untamed Series. Book One was Wet, which I happened to love. This one is Trisha's story. Her love life in a mess.... she thought she was happily married to the man of her dreams, that is until she walked on him having a affair with another man. Now her life is upside down and a total mess.

Trisha is not a weak women. She is a firefighter by day and the center of her family. She is the glue that holds everything together. Now that she is starting to fall apart, she doesn't know what to do. the guys at the fire station are giving her a hard time, she has to tell her parents about her husband and their impending divorce and all the while, she doesn't wear her emotions on her sleeve. 

Joe is her lieutenant and reaches out to Trisha. He also has gone through to what she is going through (to an extent) and wants to show support. When he needs to move his "tiny house" because the land it was on is sold, Trisha offers her backyard. What starts off as friendship quickly turns hot and steamy (pun intended because they are firefighters).

Not all is smooth sailing. Trisha has a CRAZY situation to deal with involving her ex and it takes a toll on their new relationship. I can't say I blame Joe for being cautious. It is a tangled web Trish is involved in. Not that she has done anything wrong, but there is so many factors that just make it intense.

I love Ruth Clampett's books. She is a smart and lovely storyteller.