DESIRE AFTER DARK is finally ★LIVE★ everywhere!

Desire After Dark, a sexy contemporary romance novel, is a must-read story of heartbreak that turns into a hard-won happily ever after. Lighthouse keeper Erin Barton is a beautiful, intelligent woman who has found friendship and stability on Gansett Island when she needed it most. Still reeling from the loss of her twin brother Toby on 9/11, Erin's life is on pause and she can't find the motivation she desperately needs to move from merely existing to thriving. After a chance encounter with local pilot Tobias "Slim" Jackson, who shares her beloved brother's first name, Erin can't get the charming man out of her head...even after he leaves for his winter season in Florida. 

After a lifetime of short-lived romances and surface relationships, Slim Jackson is startled to realize he can't get Erin Barton off of his mind, despite their distance and Erin's hesitance. When Slim comes home to Gansett for the holiday season, he has a short 12 days to pick things up where he left them with Erin...12 unforgettable days and steamy nights if all goes according to his plan. As Slim fights to convince Erin to take a chance on him, Erin must confront her darkest demons and embrace life and love to find a new future.

3.5 stars

I am ashamed to admit this, but this is my first Marie Force book! I don't know how I have not read her before, but now I feel like I have been missing out!

What caught my attention to this book, was the fact it took place in Rhode Island. Since I went to college there, it holds a special place for me. I am a New England girl, so I could relate to things throughout the book.

I loved Slim and Erin's story. These were real characters with real stories. I could understand Erin and what she had gone through with the loss of her brother. I cried when she relived 9/11 and how it effected her. Slim and Erin had a beautiful love story. It was not rushed or instant, it was grown up and mature.

I honestly wish that I didn't start this series with this book. I feel like I lost out on a lot by not reading the other books. There were characters in this book from previous ones, and I wish that I had knew more about them and their back story. So, now I am going to have to go back and start this series and reread Desire After Dark in order.