Marry Me for Money
Publication Date: May 4, 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance

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Leaving her small town behind, Bethany Casse moves to Chicago in search of a new life. Working at a top financial bank brings her into contact with two men who are as different as night and day. Kent Plack, heir to Plack Industries, has no interest in being with a woman for longer than one night. A spoiled and lazy man-whore, he is completely content with his playboy lifestyle, and Beth is surprised when they form an unlikely friendship.
Brian Burcham, a finance banker, is gorgeous and respectful. A man plucked from Beth’s dreams, he is definite husband material. Unfortunately, Beth has a hard rule against dating coworkers, but Brian is determined to change her mind. When a deadbeat mother and money problems follow her to Chicago, Beth is offered a solution that could fix everything. Marrying for money seems simple enough, but when lines become blurred, Beth faces difficult choices, making her realize that the easy way out just made her life even harder than before.

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About Mia Kayla

Mia Kayla - author photo
Mia Kayla is a New Adult and Contemporary Romance writer who lives in Illinois. She is wifey to the husband of the year and mommy to three unbelievable cute little girls who have multiplied her grey hairs. In her free time she loves reading romance novels, jamming to boy bands, catching up on celebrity gossip and designing flowers for weddings. Most of the time, she can be caught on the train with her nose in a book, sporting a cheeky grin because the main characters finally get their happily-ever-after at the end. She loves reading about happy endings but has more fun writing them.

5 stars 
Have you ever stumbled upon a book that you feel was what you needed at that point in your life? Well for me, it was Marry Me For Money. This book made a crappy week a little better. I loved this book. I loved the story. I loved the writing. I loved the dialogue and I loved the characters.

Bethany Casse moves to Chicago to get away from everything. She wants to be a different person than what she feels she is destined to become. Her mom is awful and puts her debt that is out of control. Stealing her daughter's identity and racking up huge bills, Bethany is slowly digging herself out and working at her dream job. She is not looking for any kind of hand outs. I loved Bethany. She is a strong, independent women who was dealt a bad hand when it came to family.

Enter Kent Plack, heir to Plack Industries. He is rich, immature and a man whore. He doesn't do relationship. Hell, he doesn't even want to work. Kent is a spoiled brat, even his parents agree. Somehow, he manages to become friends with the complete opposite of him, Bethany. Throughout the first half of the book these two are strictly platonic.

When Kent's parents cut him off her comes up with a brilliant idea to make his friend Bethany marry him. Bethany thinks he is crazy. After all, Bethany already has a boyfriend. But when Kent offers to pay off all the debt her mother racked up, she can't say no. She will be in the clear to start her life over again. 

The chemistry between Kent and Bethany was off the charts. But what I really loved was their friendship. It was unbelievable.. Kent and Bethany shared a bond most people would kill for. They truly cared for each other. At times even putting the other person first. 

I thought it was amazing how their friendship turned into something more. As you read, you see that Bethany made Kent become a better person. He reminded me of the Tin Man with no heart at the beginning of the story and then Bethany was the one who showed him he had it all along, he just need to be reminded it was there. Kent could be better that what he was , if he gave a little effort in life. 

This book has to be one of the best books I gave read this year. I did not want to see it end.. maybe we will see another one??? PLEASE????