New Adult Romance
Release: April 2015

Some memories should be buried…
The blackouts started happening when I was eight. There are long periods of my youth I don’t remember. I’ve woken up in strange places, feeling disoriented and unaware of how long I’ve been out.
After two years abroad attending a private school and sessions with a top-notch psychiatrist, I’ve been deemed cured. The blackouts have ceased, or so I thought, until I wake up in a ditch back home in North Carolina. Dare, the guy pulling my broken body from the wreckage, has a restraining order against him. He’s no longer the clean-cut boy I went frog gigging with but road-hardened. His lean, muscular arms, riddled with tats, drag me out of the SUV. I should fear him, but instead, his touch sparks memories that tell me I once worshipped him with all my heart.

About the Author
Chris Myers suffers from an overactive imagination. She spent her high school years writing torch songs for fantasy guys then moved onto writing thrillers, new adult, and young adult. She has a real job but would love to write full time. Her books have won and placed in the finals and semifinals for several awards including Paul Gillette, Rocky Mountain Gold, and Amazon Breakthrough Novel. Chris lives in Colorado with her daughter, her better half, and BeBe, a rambunctious Bichon.

4 stars

This book was intriguing from the very beginning.  There were so many twist and turns that you will have to keep your hands on the pages to stay in control.  As secrets of the past in the form of blackouts are brought to light, we will discover the truth.  And be in for several shocking moments.

Teal and Dare have a friends that started when they were just kids growing up together.  He was her rock to run to when she was scared and friend to spend her days with.  But when her blackouts start to happen, their relationship will change.  He seems to be the only person to be able to hold the blackouts from happening but one afternoon in the swamp will change everything.  

Teal returns to her hometown for the summer before college to help care for her aging grandmother.  Her blackouts seem to have gone away while she was in Paris but the first day back in the swamp and she is consumed by one.  This not only leaves her in the muck of the swamp but also flashbacks of events start to play in her mind.  What does all of this mean?  Teal will have to try to solve the reason behind these blackouts to get to the truth.  

Dare was there that afternoon that his life changed.  He is the one to always save Teal and the day she returns to town is no different.  He is the one that pulls her from the sinking car.  But he knows he has to leave her alone.  He hates her.  She ruined his life years ago.  But when he sees and touches her, feelings he should not have start to tingle in his body.  

As life continues in the swamp, the attraction between Teal and Dare seems to take a life of its own.  Teal knows she should stay away from Dare but she misses her childhood friend.  But why does he hate her so much?  What did she do to him?  As Brie decides to take control and starts to see a new doctor who can help her understand her blackouts.  She wants to know the truth.  

When daises start to show up at her house and Brie feels like she is being followed, Dare seems to step right back into the protect mode that he had when they were younger.  As these events continue to happen, there seems to be a stalker after Brie but who and why?

Brie continues to catch glimpse and pieces of her past in flashes, she knows what she must do to finally see the truth.  But will she survive it?  Can she finally put the past to rest and live?