Actor for the Night (For the Night #8)

**Warning - While this final book can be read as a standalone, if you wish to avoid spoilers, you should read the series in sequence**

Actor for the Night

A familiar face from Logan Steele’s past returns to wreak havoc, threatening his very future, and leaving him in turmoil. He has to step up to fulfil his most challenging role to date, but the question is whether he’s a good enough actor to pull it off. Will Logan get his happy ever after? Or will his past bite him, or the ones he loves, so hard, that it turns his life into a disaster movie

5 stars

As this chapter of Logan Steele comes to a close, I can not express how much I have enjoyed sharing my nights with Logan.  He was able to bring to life different fantasies not only for the women he is with for the night but for the readers as well.  

I would recommend that you start from the beginning of Logan’s story with Strangers for the Night.  Then continue to work your way through Logan’s life as a dream maker.  He will not only bring a smile to your face but will steal your heart.

This was my absolutely favorite in the series.  We finally get to see the true Logan, who he is as a normal guy in love with a girl.  As Lucas and Summer begin a journey of living their lives as a couple, a previous night will come back to haunt them.  As they try to figure out who it is that is trying to break them apart, Lucas will do whatever it takes to protect the ones that he loves.

When the truth behind the troublemaker is revealed, Summer will sacrifices her career for the one thing that is the most important to her, Lucas Logan Steel.  She is able to truly show Lucas the meaning of love and what he means to her.

But life has a funny way of coming full circle.  Logan was able to steal pieces of my heart along the way but Lucas stole my complete heart.  I am looking forward to reading more books by Author CJ Fallowfield.  I am forever a fan.  Thank you!!!