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* A dark and twisted erotic romance…Kidnapped by the obsessed Nick, Julianna’s only hope is his sexy right-hand man Travis. There’s an undeniable spark between them, but Nick is determined to have her for himself…

This is Julianna’s story. She lived a normal life until she was about to turn twenty-one, and then all hell broke loose. Years of diabolical scheming unraveling at the seams, unleashing torrents of lies and deceit. The whirlwind of chaos and heartbreak will forever change the game.

     Her chosen fate is one of stellar proportions, and she struggles to keep sane, trying to hold it together every step of the way. As the matrix of her concealed past unfolds to deliver the final blow, rationality and sanity begin to take on a definition and meaning of its own.
Nick thinks he’s the night in shining armor while Travis believes he will be enough to save her from herself, but does she even want to be saved?
Both men want her. Both men love her, and both men want to claim her, keeping her for themselves. But, as usual, Julianna has other plans.

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JC Cliff, Bestselling Author of The Blyss Trilogy has over 600 five-star reviews combined

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J.C. Cliff is an independent author who strives to deliver a strong story line, keeping the reader captivated throughout. She loves the element of surprise, creating unique twists and turns while creating thrill and suspense. Oh yes, and lets not forget, making a little explicit romance happen in between.

She's a die hard 80's rock'n roll fan, and loves a good concert! JC wears many hats. They include wife of 24 years, 4 children, small business owner, writer, reader, and what ever else is required of her. She loves taboo stories with twists and turns, and full of suspense.

When she's not writing mind-blowing twists and turns which include erotica, she likes to spend her time with her family and friends. Her pastimes include: offshore fishing, learning anything new, sewing, spending time at the beach, or the mountains.

Twitter:  @cliff3J


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Cover Design ©  Sommer Stein
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4.5 stars

Let me start by saving that you must read this trilogy in order to understand all that has happened and why.  Author J.C. Cliff is able to make you fall under the spell of not one but two men.  Travis and Nick are at ends with each other.  They both want Julianna.  But who will she pick?  Is she able to realize which man she should truly trust or will the unknown choose for her?  

Julianna has been through so much but as she regains her memory, everything starts to fall into place.  She knows she should trust Travis but can she?  After all he has been drugging her to get what he wants right?  Her heart is telling her one thing but her mind is screaming something else.  She must learn to trust her soul to figure out where she belongs and to whom.  

Travis has secrets that will come to light in the final book.  Once they are all laid on the line will the truth be enough to keep Julianna by his side or will they run her straight into the arms of Nick?  Travis has done everything in his power to keep her safe but at what cost?  Does he truly love her or is she just a pawn in the war that is going on between him and Nick?

Nick dear ole Nick.  I was surprised to see a different side of him in this book.  He was not the bad guy that I thought he was but deep inside there was still evil lurking.  But Nick will do anything to keep Julianna with him include making her feel as though they belong together. 

When the complete truth and all the secrets are revealed as to why Julianna has been put through all of this, it will shatter Julianna’s heart.  How could someone that is supposes to protect and keep you out of harms way deliver you to the devil?  And for what: Power: Money or just plain evil?  

Julianna was one tough cookie fighting her way to live again.  She did what she had to survive but in the end was it worth it?  Can she find her happy ever after or will the past be enough to push her over the edge?  And what man does she end up with?  Travis?  Nick?  Or are the secrets and lies to much to forgive either of them?  Julianna knows without a doubt whose hearts hers beats for.  Will she choice him? 

This entire series has been an emotional roller coaster.  Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen; the story would take a sharp left hand turn then a right.  There is no way that you will not feel as though you are part of this story.  I feel in love with the characters; even Nick.  There were many times I wanted to yell at Julianna, Travis and Nick to do the right thing but it played out perfectly till the very end.

Of course all of this is thanks to Author J.C. Cliff for taking the time to put her words onto paper and sharing with us.  Her ability to bring life to what she creates is simple perfection.  I look forward to reading anything else she might share with us.  I have no doubt that the other stories that she brings to us will also steal a piece of your heart.