Dominant for the Night (For the Night #7)

It had been fourteen months since I slept with Eve Myers, during her “Biker for the Night” fantasy. Fourteen months since I’d last slept with a client. She’d been the last I’d taken before signing them all over to my colleague Trey Douglas. I was resolved that I’d put those days behind me, that I was “going straight” with my personal training, that I’d never take another booking again. That was until I received an email request out of the blue, where my services were required to be a dominant for the night, to educate my client in the ways of BDSM. Now that was an offer I couldn’t refuse. It was time to bring Logan Steele, renowned escort, creator of fantasies, bestower of mind blowing orgasms, out of retirement. The only thing I knew for sure was that once this night was over, nothing would ever be the same again. This could be the appointment that changed my life. I was risking everything that I held dear and I had no idea whether it would change everything for the better, or for the worse.

5 stars

Again let me say that if you have not meet Logan Steele, what are you waiting for?  He is here to show you exactly what it feels like to bring your fantasies to life.  And along the way, Logan found love; the journey that he has been on to find that perfect woman that touched his soul and heart has been an amazing journey.  I am not looking forward to not spending my nights with Logan after the next book.  But I have no doubt that Author C.J. Fallowfield will bring us more exciting books to capture our minds and steal a piece of heart with her characters.  Now on with this review…….

Logan Steele did exactly what he said he would do; he retired from his escort service, putting his clients in the hands of his colleague Trey Douglas.  And they are in very capable hands.  But Logan still does not have the girl of his dreams, Summer, in his bed although she is in his life.  They spend a lot of time together, you see Logan is her fitness trainer.  And they are forming a friendship as she requested before they fall back in bed together.  This has been hard on Logan and Summer but this is for the best right.

As Logan gets an email he can not turn down.  He will do this one night of being a Dom so that he can let his “true side” come out and play.  He can not miss this chance to show exactly what he enjoys from a woman that would truly be his.  Logan had no doubt that after this night everything will change in his life.  How will Summer be after knowing that Logan has come out of retirement for the night?  Can this night change the way she feels about Logan?  Or will this be the end before the beginning of them?

I thought Logan Steele had stolen a piece of my heart from book one but I can truly say that the “REAL” Logan Steele has my whole heart after reading this book.